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Sign Wizard Benefits

Sign Wizard 7 provides a number of important benefits to signmakers, which we have loosely categorized as Creativity, Productivity, and Capability. Creativity refers to the ability to design the sign or graphic that you or your customer has in mind, Productivity refers to the speed at which you produce this sign or graphic, and Capability refers to the range of features available in the software. In Sign Wizard, these go together to provide you with the best of all worlds.


Non-Linear Editing

Non-Linear Editing refers to a style of sign design in which you no longer need to think about the sequence of steps required to achieve a particular design goal. The major effects, such as Outline, Gradients, Image Fills and even Bevel, are now persistent "properties" which are always editable, no matter which phase of the design you are in, saving you lots of valuable time when you have those last minute changes from your dear customer.

Mouse-as-Brush Artistry

Many customers with long histories in the sign business have told us that running Sign Wizard is as close to painting with a brush as possible with a software program. Sign Wizard design and editing tools are straightforward and easy to use, meaning that your efforts are focused on creativity, not figuring out the software.

Multiple Ways to Achieve a Task

Sign Wizard provides a number of different options for achieving a particular design task in most cases, as well as multiple ways to access a particular feature. For example, if you want to make adjustments to your text, you can do it graphically, numerically, or a combination of both. Features are generally accessible either through a convenient property bar, drop down menu, or keyboard shortcuts - whichever you prefer.

More Design Flexibility

Sign Wizard is very flexible in the design process, allowing you to make edits and changes at will. The Unlimited Undo feature lets you try something and then go back if you don't like it, and then Redo lets you go forward again. The History Window keeps track of all your actions. And since you can edit at the individual vector and node level, you have complete control over your designs.

Customer Previews

Many Sign Wizard users design their signs directly in front of the customer, letting the customer participate in the creative process. Sign Wizard provides real-time, full color animated previews of many distortions, shadows, and text effects, so the customer can see exactly how the design is made. If this isn't feasible, just email a JPEG or PDF file of the design straight from Sign Wizard! 


High Resolution Display

Our High Quality Anti-Alias technology means you spend less time zooming and more time designing. It's almost like getting a new screen!

Fewer Steps

Sign Wizard functions use the fewest number of steps possible to achieve the desired result. This efficiency drives many of the productivity benefits of the software. One step zooming at any time, control point transformations of text, real time previews of shadows and distortions are just a few of the examples of Sign Wizard's streamlined operation.

Easy to Use

Sign Wizard has been known for nearly 20 years as the easiest to use signmaking software available on the market. Our user interface is simple and completely customizable by the user. Operations in the software are intuitive and straightforward. The new property bars give you immediate access to feature options without cluttering up the screen.

Easy to Learn

Not only is the software easy to use, but it's easy to learn as well, which is very important when new employees need to be trained. New users of the system can be productive immediately with Sign Wizard, thanks to its intuitive design and ease of use. Competitive products are much more complicated and cluttered, resulting in too much down time when training new users. 

Online Help

Every function of the software contains context sensitive online help, meaning that at any time you can access the Help file for the current operation or mode that you're working in. Online Help is the most immediate source of information for the user, and it can address questions for you on the fly.


Advanced Text Editing and Effects

With the new Paragraph Text tool and features like Auto Weld and Live Text on Path, you can finally let the software do the heavy lifting, while you focus on the unique elements of your sign.

Multiple Sign Types Supported

In Sign Wizard, you can design a sign once and create multiple types of signs using different media and materials. Depending on the level of Sign Wizard you have installed, you can create vinyl, screen printed, wide format color printed, neon, routed, engraved, and other types of signs. This provides a lot of flexibility, especially in the larger shops, to support a wide variety of customer requirements.

Lots of File Formats Supported

Sign Wizard supports multiple vector and bitmap file formats, including color bitmaps, so that you can easily import files into Sign Wizard and export files out of Sign Wizard. This is a big benefit if you are using multiple design and/or production software packages. All of the file format support has been updated for version 6.

Creating Custom Graphics

Sign Wizard has an excellent automatic vectorizing feature, including color vectorizing in Sign Wizard Pro, to make it easy to import custom graphics. Lower levels of the program allow you to on-screen digitize on top of a bitmap image. Whichever method you choose, Sign Wizard will make the job fast and easy with an additional set of vector smoothing and editing tools.

Text Entry and Manipulation

Almost all signs contain text, and Sign Wizard's text handling capabilities are the best in the industry. A multitude of text manipulations can be achieved with one mouse operation, including scaling, extending/condensing, rotating, italicizing, and heightening, as well as individual letter kerning, word and line spacing, and arcing text up or down. This range of options and the simplicity of these capabilities are a big time saver when designing.

The new Paragraph Text Tool now raises the bar on text tools for sign making. You have full paragraph text editing, including word wrap, frames, full justify, and more, along with magic features like Auto Weld and Live Text on Path.

Large Format Printing / Print and Cut

Sign Wizard 7 has been enhanced with a number of features and capabilities to support large format color printing and print and cut technologies. Now mixing complex vector and bitmap images together is easier than ever, especially with the new tool to create a contour path from a transparent bitmap in one step.



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