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Educational Programs
We offer Sign Wizard and Neon Wizard programs at a 40% discount for certified educational institutions. Please contact us for more information about this offer.

Lost or Stolen Programs
Our policy on replacing lost or stolen programs is to do so at the multi-site price. Please see the standard pricing page for multi-site prices. 

Security Key Replacement
The older security keys (dongles) used for Sign Wizard and Neon Wizard that connect to the parallel ports on your computer sometimes fail in the field after extended use. The failure rate is exacerbated by plugging in a plotter, printer, or other peripheral into the back of the key attached to your computer's parallel port. The new USB keys are considerably more reliable as they reside on a dedicated USB port. 

If your older key fails, contact us and we can help diagnose the exact problem. If we need to exchange the key, we charge just US $125 plus shipping to help cover our costs. If it is a new key within the one year warranty, we will exchange the key free of charge. The same pricing policy applies if you wish to exchange your parallel key for a USB key. For more information on security keys, including drivers and troubleshooting, please go to our Support page.

Re-registration Fee
If you have acquired Sign Wizard or Neon Wizard software second-hand from another end user (not new from Aries Graphics or one of our authorized dealers) and you wish to receive tech support, we charge a re-registration fee of $199. This fee helps offset our tech support costs for a new user from which we receive no software license revenue.

Prices subject to change by Aries Graphics International without notice. Please contact us with any questions.



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